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BirdLife Malta
the official web-site of BirdLife Malta - the society for the protection of wild birds and nature in Malta.

Birds of Malta
information about the birds of Malta including recent bird sightings.

Malta Gloster Breeders Society MGBS
The Official Website of Malta Gloster Breeders Society. The society consists of commitee and members dedicated to increasing the popularity of the Gloster Fancy Canary. MGBS's Objective is to educate and inform bird entusiasts about the study, breeding, exhibiting, running and maintenance of the purebred Gloster Fancy Canary.

Raptor Watching Camp
This annual camp is now one of BirdLife Malta's largest bird protection activities. Birdwatchers, mainly foreigners, stay at the camp for any period of time within the two week camp. During the camp we go for cultural excursions in the mornings, and birdwatching in the afternoons. At the same time, we help in protecting migrating birds by reporting to the police...

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