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Acupuncture, Bowen, Reiki,Allergy Testing,Bioresonance.
Acupuncture,Bowen,Reiki,Bioresonance, Radionics,Allergy testing,Vitamin and Nutritional deficiencies,fully qualified and 10 years of experience clinics in Gozo contact me for a free consultation.

IHA- International Health Academy
The INTERNATIONAL HEALTH ACADEMY (IHA) is an International Health-Educational and consultation enterprise, a part of the St. James Hospitals Group subsidiaries.

Jamesco Trading
Jamesco Trading Ltd forms part of a larger group of companies, which all together render a comprehensive and quite complete health service in the private sector. Jamesco supply all within the group and also to other third parties who by time have realised the advantages of having one supplier who can provide ex-stock the daily needs for a clinic or hospital.

Sidro Care
Sidrocare is Sidroc Servicesí online shopping presence and makes use of the Cyber Shopping Cart, which enables users to shop for medical, haircare and beauty products from the comfort of their home.

Through this site we aim to keep you informed about the continuous expansion and evolution of our cosmetic and beauty services and treatments. Our News and Special Offers sections are regularly updated. Visit them to know what innovations are brewing in our clinic and what offers you can take advantage of.

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