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Ministry for Economic Services
Small Business & Self Employed, Industry, Malta Development Corporation, Institute for the Promotion of Small Enterprises, Malta Freeport Corporation - Economic Development Policy, Technical Assistance, Statistics - Import and Export Trade, Consumer Protection, Competition Policy - Government Investments, Malta International Airport p.l.c., Drydocks and Shipbuilding, Water Services Corporation, Enemalta Corporation. - Industrial Property, Malta Standardisation Authority, METCO

Ministry for Gozo
Gozo Affairs.

Ministry for Health
Health Affairs.

Ministry for Home Affairs
Police, Immigration, Airport Security, Civil Protection, Prisons - Passports, ID Cards, Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs - Planning Authority, Government Property Division, Joint Office - Notary to Government, Public Registry, Land Registry

Ministry for Justice and Local Government
Attorney Generalís Office, Courts of Justice, Justice, Local Government, Quality Service Charters

Ministry for Social Policy
Social Security - Family and Social Welfare, The Elderly, Women in Society, Housing - Industrial Relations, Labour, Employment and Training, Co-operative Systems - Housing, Construction and Maintenance - Parliamentary Affairs.

Ministry for the Environment
Environment, Drainage, Public Cleansing and Waste - Capital Construction Projects, Works.

Ministry for Tourism

Ministry for Transport and Communications
Civil Aviation, Malta Maritime Authority, Public Transport Authority, Traffic Planning, Arterial and Distributory Roads, Vehicle Licensing and Inspectorate - Postal Services Regulator - Wireless Telegraphy, Telecommunications Regulator.

Ministry of Education
Education - Science and Technology Policy - Libraries and Archives, Museums, The Arts, Theatres and Mediterranean Conference Centre, Public Broadcasting Services - Youth, Sport.

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